Ultimate Guide To Find Madeira Apartments For Sale And Rent

Where to live in Madeira? When it comes to apartments, houses, or villas in Madeira we won’t have one answer because it is a complicated question. We need to compare long and short-term accommodation, location, and conditions. It is clear that for more comfortable options the price can tend to infinity. And vice versa: apartments without furniture rented for a long period can be much cheaper.

Prices To Rent Accommodation in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

We have lots of experience of renting accommodation from 1 month to 1 year in Lisbon and Madeira because we changed more than 10 different apartments during 4 years in Portugal. The quality and prices of the houses are completely different in Lisbon and other cities in Continental Portugal as well as Funchal the capital of Madeira and villages around the island. Here we will compare prices in and outside the capitals.

Prices To Rent a Villa in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

Let’s check out luxury villas with gardens, a pool, and nice views. It will be harder to find this kind of villa for the long term in Madeira because those villas are rented as holiday houses. But in low season you can talk to the owner and rent it for a few months. Lisbon has more options for the long term.

Villa typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€5000€4000€5000€3000
4-bedroom (T4)€8000€6000€7000€5000

Prices To Rent a House in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

Houses in Madeira are everywhere (even if you think that the hill is too steep it is just a bump for Madeira) and you have an opportunity to have an amazing ocean view in 70% of the houses. There are lots of tiny and cozy cities in the gorge of the mountain with a spectacular view and many foreigners love to live outside of Funchal crowded by tourists. There are some average prices for a countryside-style small house.

House typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€2000€1200€1500€800
4-bedroom (T4)€4000€2000€2000€1300

Prices To Rent an Apartment in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

Prices for the Madeira apartments depend on season because some apartments can be rented for tourists in the summer and owners don’t want to lose the profit. You can find the same apartment in May and October at different prices.

Apartment typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€1600€800€1300€700
4-bedroom (T4)€3500€1200€1800€1200

Where To Find Apartments, Houses, and Villas To Rent in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

I’d divide sources into 3 categories: Facebook groups, Portuguese real estate websites and online services.

Online services

Portuguese real estate websites

Facebook groups

You can find some gems on Facebook as well as scams. You need to make sure you talk to the owner of the house and they can provide documents. Facebook can be risky but it has prices lower than the market and great apartments.

Real estate websites have only long-term accommodation and they will ask to provide some. documents in Portugal. You will get an official contract and you need to change all the services on your name.

Online services are the most convenient way to rent an apartment but sometimes expectations could be far from reality. If you have a chance find a way to visit the apartment before renting.

Is It Worth Trying Airbnb in Madeira?

If you coming for a vacation to Madeira Airbnb could be a great option due to the many available apartments and villas around the island. Sometimes you can find something really special and brilliant. If you are looking for rentals for more than one month I won’t recommend Airbnb because it’s completely overpriced. You can check out Flatio for rental houses for one month with a similar interface as Airbnb.

How We Look For Apartments in Madeira

Many people on Facebook write ads for rent but I always advise to write a post about finding accommodation yourself. Compose a nice text, tell who you’re, and where are you from, and attach a bright picture of smiling yourself. Lots of the apartments we lived in we personally found that way. And the very first accommodation in Portugal we found was via Flatio (ex NomadX).

Well, never ever forget the most important rule that applies all over the world. NEVER pay for housing before entering the house itself and getting the keys (well, if it is not Flatio of course).

Prices To Buy Accommodation in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

If you already realized that Portugal is your new home you are probably thinking about your own property. Lots of foreigners buy their houses in Portugal for long vacations and spend a few months here enjoying the great food and weather. Or just move to Portugal to start their new life in this amazing country. Prices for buying accommodation are absolutely different and you can find property for your budget. The quality of the old houses in Portugal is a big problem. Humidity near the ocean can cause mold on the walls and early destruction. I will consider minimal prices for the accommodation which doesn’t need reconstruction.

Prices To Buy a Villa in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

The majority of the villas are newly constructed and have great quality. I saw advertisements with dream villas with stunning ocean views. Outside of Funchal, you can find great quiet locations but convenient transportation and a nice neighborhood. In Lisbon, I’d recommend the seafront area Estoril and Cascais because it’s close to Lisbon as well as close to nature.

Villa typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€800000€500000€600000€400000
4-bedroom (T4)€1200000€900000€800000€600000

Prices To Buy a House in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

In my feeling, Madeira has more individual houses than apartment buildings. To live in the house is really convenient because the island is not that big and you can reach any part within an hour’s drive. Portugal is not a huge country and you don’t have to limit your search within the capital. A house in Portugal can have its own garden or even a vineyard. Isn’t that amazing?

House typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€400000€200000€300000€150000
4-bedroom (T4)€700000€400000€500000€200000

Prices To Buy an Apartment in Madeira and Portugal Mainland

Buying an apartment always has the option to rent it out as a holiday home if you need it. Portugal is a very touristy country and I’m sure all of your family and friends would love to stay in your apartment here. There are lots of new apartment complexes with gyms and swimming pools but the price, of course, is higher.

Apartment typeLisbonOutside of LisbonFunchalOutside of Funchal
2-bedroom (T2)€220000€140000€170000€130000
4-bedroom (T4)€300000€200000€250000€200000

Final Thoughts

Renting or buying accommodation in Portugal is only your choice. There can’t be a right or wrong way to live in Portugal. I’d recommend living here for a while to feel if the country suits you before buying the property. And 100% I wouldn’t buy property remotely online – it is very risky and you will be disappointed in the end. Portugal is a great quiet country where you can feel at home even in a rental one.

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