Where is Madeira on the map?

Welcome to our exploration of Madeira map, a beautiful island group that’s part of Portugal but nestled in the Atlantic Ocean. We’re diving deep into the uncharted waters of Madeira — where emerald green vibes meet Instagram-worthy landscapes, and every hill has a story to tell. We’ll discover where Madeira is located on the map, how it looks both on paper and in real life, and some of the most attractive points of interest on the island.

Let’s explore Madeira, where every pin on the map is a story, and every spot is a vibe waiting to be unleashed!

How to Find Madeira on the Map

So, you’re scrolling through the digital waves of the North Atlantic, right? Your GPS is set to 32.7607° N latitude and 16.9595° W longitude. Boom! Madeira pops up on your map — a total gem in the Portuguese playground. Its location fascinating is because it lies closer to the African continent, approximately 300 miles off the Moroccan coast.

It’s not just an island, it’s a whole vibe waiting to be explored.

Where is Madeira on the Portugal Map

Madeira is a part of Portugal, but you won’t find it on the mainland map. Instead, you would need to scan your eyes over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, less than 1000 km away from the Portuguese coast, west of Morocco, to locate this lovely archipelago. It’s not just a dot, it’s an autonomous region of Portugal with its laws and traditions.

How Madeira Looks on the Map and Real Life

On the map, Madeira appears as a cluster of islands, with the largest being Madeira Island itself. But the real-life view is far more breathtaking. Think of lush green landscapes, rugged cliffs, and serene beaches, all surrounded by the endless blue of the Atlantic.

Now, step into the living canvas of Madeira — a realm of jaw-dropping cliffs, beckoning waterfalls, and hillsides so picturesque they seem like scenes from a dream. This isn’t just a journey — it’s a transition from the virtual to the vivid, turning your adventure into a living masterpiece. Get ready to witness Madeira’s magic as it transcends from digital coordinates to real-life splendor.

The Most Attractive Points Of Interest in Madeira Map

Your map isn’t just a guide – it’s a treasure map, and X marks the spots in Madeira.

For the explorer in you, we’ve mapped out the coordinates of an adventure like no other—Madeira, where every pixel on the map tells a story, and every hotspot is a chapter in the coolest adventure ever.

Map of Madeira with Main Sightseeings

Funchal isn’t just a city – it’s a downtown scene with cobblestone streets, historic vibes, and the Funchal Market’s authentic charm. Pico do Arieiro isn’t just a peak – it’s where Madeira flaunts its panoramic views, and levada walks aren’t just trails – they’re secret passages for the real explorers. Porto Moniz and Santana aren’t just dots on the map – they’re nature’s wonders and architectural gems waiting for your discovery.

Bus Map of Madeira

Ready to explore Madeira with the wind in your hair and scenic views around every bend? Enter the Bus Map of Madeira—the guide to your island expedition on wheels. Navigate the routes, discover hidden gems, and hop on board for an authentic island experience. From Funchal’s vibrant streets to the farthest reaches of the archipelago, let the Bus Map be your passport to the diverse wonders of Madeira.

While the Bus Map provides an excellent introduction to Madeira, it’s essential to note that buses might not cover the entire island. For the adventurous souls hungry for exploration, renting a car opens up a world of possibilities. The freedom to navigate beyond the bus routes allows you to delve into secluded spots, hidden viewpoints, and off-the-beaten-path destinations at your own pace.

Renting a car not only offers the flexibility to explore more but also allows you to navigate the island faster. Zoom across winding coastal roads, ascend to panoramic viewpoints, and uncover the untouched beauty that lies beyond the reach of public transportation.

Levada Walks Map of Madeira

For the intrepid explorers craving an immersive journey, the Levada Walks Map of Madeira is your treasure trove. Venture into secret pathways that wind through lush forests, along cliff edges, and across mountainous terrain. Each trail on this map tells a story of centuries gone by. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your map, and get ready to traverse the Levadas — a network of enchanting walking trails that weave you through the heart of Madeira’s natural wonders. It’s not just a walk – it’s a passage into the island’s soul.

Always check official information about the current status of levadas and trails before going there on the governmental website.


As we wrap up our virtual journey through the hidden treasures of Madeira, one thing becomes clear — this is not just an island, it’s a living narrative waiting to be explored.

Madeira is not just a destination — it’s an experience. An invitation to traverse landscapes that echo stories of centuries past, savor flavors that embody tradition and relish the serenity of secluded shores.

Madeira, though small on the world map, offers a world of experiences. Its geographical location makes it unique, and its natural beauty makes it unforgettable. Whether you’re exploring the island through a physical journey or a virtual map, Madeira is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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