Best Places To Work For a Digital Nomad in Madeira

Best Places to work for a Digital Nomad in Madeira

As a Digital Nomad in Madeira, I like to get out of the house sometimes to work from somewhere else. It’s a crucial part of my approach to remote working effectively. It helps me reboot, change my surroundings, and get inspired. I’m not too fond of coworking spaces as they haven’t created the perfect one yet, and certainly not in Madeira.

So it was a challenge for me to find at least a couple of places in Funchal to escape to. So far I’ve discovered 7 comfortable places to work for a digital nomad in Madeira where you can occasionally see me clacking on the keyboard.

My Criteria For The Ideal Place To Work For a Digital Nomad in Madeira

Crucial requirements:

  • Enough space — i.e. not a tiny room with 2-3 tables
  • Good WiFI — must be enough to load websites
  • Outlet — at least one

Non-critical requirements:

  • Coffee
  • No service — waiters can be annoying (once, I swear, a security guard of a McDonald’s in the Italian town of Padua made us go away!)
  • No people — they don’t bother you, they even create an atmospheric noise, but it’s still better without them!

List Of Places To Work Remotely For a Digital Nomad in Madeira

Madeira Savoy Next Hotel lobby

My favorite workspace concept is the hotel lobby. I think it’s smart and simple — everyone wins! The lobby of the Savoy Next Hotel has tables and couches, power outlets, the Internet, soft lights, and even two arcade machines. There is also a bar where you can order drinks and cold snacks.

Address: R. Carvalho Araùjo 8, 9000-022 Funchal

Madeira savoy next hotel lobby
Madeira Savoy Next Hotel lobby

Madeira Pestana CR7 Hotel lobby

Another great hotel lobby is in Pestana CR7 Hotel. It’s situated right in the very center of Funchal and has a stunning view from the windows. There is a lot of space, nice music, and plenty of tables to seat and work. Also, you can find a bar there with very decent prices!

Address: Av. Sá Carneiro, 9000-017 Funchal

Madeira pestana cr7 hotel lobby
Madeira pestana cr7 hotel lobby

Municipal Do Funchal Library

The surest way to find a quiet place to work in a new city is to find a library. Which I did two years ago when we first came to Madeira. Not the best library I’ve seen: tiny, old school, no windows. The only amenities there are tables, chairs, outlets, internet, and silence (even too much). The good thing is nothing is required to enter.

Address: Av. Calouste Gulbenkian 9, 9000-044 Funchal

Madeira library
Madeira library

Mcdonald’s on Avenida do Mar

It’s an ordinary Macdonald’s with a MacCafe corner. There are outlets and less noise compared to the rest of the area. But if you go up you will find a pretty abandoned second floor that is only in use by staff. The Internet is as good as Pastel de Nata with cinnamon powder!

Address: Av. Do Mar 2, 9000-054 Funchal

Museu Café

An unremarkable café next to the square in the heart of Funchal. It is on a lower level than the square itself, so it is not very noticeable. There are plenty of tables and not many people in the café, at least in the afternoons. There’s wifi, outlets, and also a Tomato Inglés poncha.

Address: Praca do Município 85, 9000-043 Funchal

Tomato Ingles poncha in Museu Cafe
Tomato Ingles poncha in Museu Cafe

Nini Andrade Silva Design Center

This place is interesting because it is located on a cliff that is on the pier. There’s a cool view of Funchal but from the ocean.

I don’t fully understand the concept but the place is something between a museum, a restaurant, and a coworking space. During the boom of the Digital Nomad Village in Madeira, they introduced an offer for remote workers where you pay a deposit of €10 which you can spend on food and drinks and sit working there as long as you like.

Address: Estrada da Pontinha, Forte de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 9000-726 Funchal

Arraial da Imperatriz Food Market

A typical food market but with no customers during the daytime. The place has a huge area but it is barely packed with guests. Because of that, only the strongest of the open restaurants and the bar are left there.

There are plenty of tables and sofas with outlets under some of them. The only minus I found is that there is very loud music.

Such a place goes to waste! It would be helpful to put remote workers there, let them create a crowdedness, and sometimes they eat too. In general, if you will be during the holidays in Madeira Island I recommend stopping by and trying Mexican food (the best I’ve ever tasted!).

Address: Rùa Imperatriz D Amelia 114 A, 9004-542 Funchal

Madeira arraial da imperatriz food market
Madeira arraial da imperatriz food market

Coworking in the Digital Nomad Village in Madeira

It is not in Funchal but in Ponta do Sol. You can get there by car and it takes 25 minutes from the capital. Actually, it’s only worth considering if you stayed in Ponto do Sol. The coworking is free but there is nothing else apart from tables, WiFi, and outlets.

Even though the website says you have to fill out a form we just went in and sat down. There you can ask for a stand for your laptop or even connect a monitor. It’s strange that there isn’t even a cooler with water. Kitchen? Nope!

The working hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. But there are plenty of tables outside so if there is good weather in Madeira you can sit there till night.

Address: R. Príncipe Dom Luís 3, 9360-218 Ponta do Sol

Digital nomads in village Pont do Sol in Madeira
Digital nomads in village Pont do Sol in Madeira

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